Friday, January 18, 2013

Applicants for Daytona Vacancy

The deadline for applications for appointment as Judge of Compensation Claims in Daytona Beach was January 17, 2013. 

The applicants are:

Jane C. Almy-Loewinger
Wilbur Anderson
Robert L. Dietz
Bruce A. Epple
Mark A. Massey (withdrawn)
Clay Meek
Keef Owens
Steven P. Pyle
Timothy S. Stanton
Michael F. Wilkes

The interviews by the Statewide Judicial Nominating Commission will be February 11, 2013 at the Airport Hyatt Regency, inside Orlando International Airport. The notice is here 

Check the Notice for details of the procedure from this point forward. As always, feel free to email me, or call 850.595.6310 x 108.

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