Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Section Announces New Website

Have you seen the new website for The Workers’ Compensation Section of The Florida Bar? I had the opportunity to preview it as I waited in an airport Friday night. The new site is a dramatic change.

I also had the chance to reminisce with some attorneys at the Section Executive Council meeting last Friday. The new website has been a long time coming, and I am proud of the Section. I am particularly proud of the chairs that have facilitated this in recent years. I am certain I am missing some people, but Jeff Jacobs, Dawn Traverso, and Chair-Elect Christopher Smith jump to mind.

It is also appropriate to acknowledge the efforts of Martin Liebowitz, Executive Committee member from Jacksonville. His efforts in leading the Section’s adoption and leveraging of technology have been herculean. Change is never easy, and I have witnessed the Section’s transitions through various stages of technology in the last 15 years. Much of what we have seen has come to pass in this regard has been because of Martin’s leadership and vision. He is to be congratulated.

One of the changes is the new blog section of the site. The Executive Council has graciously offered me space for a blog on this new website. I am pleased and excited about this new opportunity. There is much to be noted as we pass our time in this thing we call Comp. Much of it slides past us in the current of commitments and obligations we have, and the necessity of earning a living. 

I would like to celebrate your mileposts however, if you will tell me about them. When someone achieves a milepost (30 years of practice), or achievement (presented a CLE program, was honored by an organization, prevailed on an interesting case, achieved Board Certification, etc.), if you bring it to my attention, I will do my best to get it out to the world on this new blog platform.

I came away from the meeting Friday with continued enthusiasm about the relationship that has developed between bench and bar. I think we have “come a long way baby,” and I hope you all will “hang in there.” We can accomplish much together. I think we prove this every day. I believe good days lie ahead of us, and I look forward to doing what I can to make sure this is true. 

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