Monday, August 26, 2013


The computer is an incredible tool. It is capable of so much, in terms of creating data and gathering it. In this instance, it is the gathering that I find interesting. This blog is produced on a free platform called Googleblogger. It presents these thoughts on the web, and collects data about how that blog is viewed. 

I started writing this blog about about 18 months ago. Initially, the purpose was to provide a distribution point for information on our revised e-JCC platform. We had experienced a fair amount of problem with that 2012 revision. We had changed the way passwords and usernames worked in e-JCC. As usernames, out were bar or adjuster numbers, and in were email addresses. Unfortunately, a fair volume of users did not update their profiles leading up to the change, and found themselves locked-out of the program in the days immediately following the roll-out. 

The success of the Blog in that instance was appreciable, and immediate. We were able to push information on changes and adjustments we were making. We were able to tell users of  solutions and tips, using this internet platform. Since then, we have had more than 50,000 views on this blog. That is approximately 2,800 per month, or roughly 100 per day over the last 17-18 months. 

The scope of the blog has certainly broadened since that time. As the situation with that e-JCC revision settled-down, we received less inquiries on those username issues. In January of 2013, we made another transition to incorporate carrier and servicing agent service by email into our process. There were issues to deal with in that transition also, and again this platform played its role in informing the users of the issues and our solutions. It is likely that this purpose of the blog will continue as we continue to innovate in the design and use of our electronic platforms. 

There will be a blog post next week on the new child support data process we are deploying in September. This innovation will save practitioners time and money when they obtain this critical data at or in anticipation of settlement. Though it will be an improvement in process, it will raise questions and concerns as the marketplace becomes accustomed to it. Keep an eye here for updates and information. 

The downside to this information distribution process has become apparent also. We learned that some organizations block access to much of the internet, due to security and productivity concerns. That is understandable with all of the potential for data-loss that we all hear of so often. To accommodate this, we are working on a "frequently asked questions" addition to our OJCC website as another potential outlet for information. 

The critical point here is that we find ways to get the information out, such that our users are as well informed and empowered as practical. I welcome your suggestions for blog posts. What would make the practice better? What would make our offices more efficient? How can we better serve you?

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