Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Interesting Lawsuit in Tampa about a California Comp Claim

ABC News affiliate WFTS is reporting that Brad Culpepper, a former Tampa Bay Buccaneer has been sued by an insurance company claiming "fraud and deceit."

According to he played for two seasons with the Vikings, six seasons for the bucs and one season for the Bears. According to WFTS, he "parlayed fame on the field into success as a personal injury attorney."  They say that in 2010 he filed a California workers' compensation claim. They note that California had "no statute of limitations and any player who had ever played a game in the state was eligible to file."

The story also says that Mr. Culpepper "was the lead plaintiff in the recent NFL brain injury lawsuit, which was tentatively settled for $765 million."

WFTS says that an insurance company has filed suit regarding the California claim, which was settled in 2011 for $175,000. The "suit says he told doctors pain interfered with his daily activities, concentrating and thinking 'a lot, or most of the time.'" The suit also alleges that in 2012 Mr. Culpepper "earned a black belt in mixed martial arts," and that "last year, both Culpeppers (he and his wife) competed on 'Survivor'" (a reality television show). 

Mr. Culpepper's attorney, Scott Shutzman, commented to WFTS. He affirmed that Mr. Culpepper's responded to "questions honestly." He addressed the activities with mixed martial arts (MMA) and the television show, saying "There's nothing that I've seen that says an 89 percent disability rating says you can't be on a TV show, or do an MMA workout." He asserts that the injuries to Culpepper were "confirmed by no less than 14 or 15 MRIs, various x-rays, legions of doctors."

Mr. Culpepper "told the I-Team (WFTS) he has had multiple surgeries, has a room full of medical records and wants to do an on-camera interview, but his attorney told him not to at this time." 

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