Monday, March 16, 2015

More on Bullying in the Workplace

In February, I posted on the reintroduction of proposed Florida legislation dealing with workplace bullying. 

This was not the first time that bullying was the subject in this blog. In 2013 I posted Bullying is in the News, is it in the Workplace? 

In March, I received a nice email from Hannah Williams, regarding an info-graphic that she helped to produce, published by the International Business Degree Guide, titled Beyond the Schoolyard, Workplace Bullying

It is an interesting composition of statistics. Some highlights:

"bullies . . .can also hurt business - driving away good employees in their quest for control."

Workplace bullies include "tormentors, tattlers, finger pointers" and those who "publicly pick on people, cc the whole world in emails, and point out your mistakes and tell everyone."

It is an interesting publication. Worth a minute to consider.  

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