Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Help Wanted - Mediatior in Pensacola

We are trying to hire a part-time mediator for the Pensacola District Office. The position would require about twenty hours per week, and could be flexible regarding the details. The position could become full-time. 

Mediation in Florida workers' compensation is mandatory, and has to occur within 130 days of petition filing. It is a challenging job. 

Qualified applicants will be certified by the Florida Supreme Court. The Supreme Court does not require someone to be an attorney in order to be certified. However, statute 440.25, requires that for workers' compensation "a mediator must be a member of The Florida Bar for at least 5 years and must complete a mediation training program approved by the Deputy Chief Judge."

So, for this position, you must be a member of the bar for five years and be certified by the Supreme Court. 

If you are interested, visit People First, the state employment application portal. If you know someone that may be interested, email them this post. 

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