Sunday, February 21, 2016

Thanks for a Great Program!

The OJCC co-sponsored a free CLE/CEU program in Tallahassee last Friday. It was a huge success. The multi-purpose room at the First District was at capacity. We were welcomed by our gracious host, Chief Judge Roberts of the First District Court of Appeal, and by WCI Program Chair Steve Rissman. 

WCI Chair Jim McConnaughhay and DOAH Chief Judge Robert Cohen were there also, as was the DCA Clerk Jon Wheeler and DCA Marshal Daniel McCarthy. 

There was some disappointment that the Florida Supreme Court did not render a decision in any of the workers' compensation challenges on Thursday the 18th, That would have made the program a bit difficult though, and so perhaps we owe the Court a thanks for avoiding the day before our seminar. But, we are now all ready for decisions any time now. 

We had a claims adjusting panel with amazing credentials. They brought a wealth of experience and perspective. We had a judge's panel that brought practice and procedure to the fore. The workers' compensation unit of the First District provided advise on successful appellate preparation and participation. The highlight of the day was obviously the panel on Castellanos and the Constitution. The uncertainty of our future is influencing how cases are handled today. 

We owe a special gratitude and thanks to our Program Committee: Judges John Lazzara, Ralph Humphries, Robert Dietz and Wilbur Anderson. 

Thanks to our hosts the First District Court of Appeal, and Judge Roberts for delivering welcoming remarks about the program and the practice of workers' compensation. Thanks to WCI, and Program Chair Steve Rissman and General Chair Jim McConnaughhay for their participation. 

Thanks to our speakers, Steve Coonrod, Mary Cruickshank, Crystal Chancey, Corlis Hill, Kathleen Hudson, Mary Ingley, William Rogner, Todd Sanders, Sara Steele, Tod Stupski, Michael Winer; and Judges Wilbur Anderson, Robert Dietz, Renee Hill, Thomas Portuallo (ret.), Ray Holley, Ralph Humphries, Richard Irvin (ret.), Ellen Lorenzen, and Nolan Winn. 

And finally, thanks to Resource Managers Incorporated (RMI). Its team, Kathy Shelton, Stephanie Dotson, Cathy Bowman, Shirley Kendall, and Woody Douglas, made this program possible, from the registration, to the refreshments, to the CLE/CEU credit applications, to the sound/microphones in the room, the RMI team did it all for us as they always do!

We got some great suggestions for the 2017  seminar. Our program committee will be back at work on the next program soon. If you have suggestions, email me

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